About us

Vista Inno Company Limited

 is a company that produces surface coatings and construction chemicals such as surface coatings and other areas, waterproofing systems protective coating chemicals for specific works and sports stadium paintwork. Vista Inno Company Limited was founded in 2008 by executives who are chemists with more than 15 years of experience, which foresee the importance of surface coatings useful to the industry that are growing all the time

Vista Inno Company Limited

is committed to development of coating surface and construction chemicals to be the most effective, suitable for the weather conditions, include maintaining the standard of product stable performance. Therefore, we attach great importance to develop continuous products, we have laboratory for research and development the best product standard and always constant in each product production. Our company will have to test products follow standards before sending to customers. We have new modern machines and support high production capacity which respond to demand increased of production capacity continuously

In additional Vista Inno Company Limited will focus on the determination of product development which we pay attention to the w customers by giving advice on surface coatings, so customers can be select surface coatings that suitable with the area climatic conditions and maximize the benefits of the job.


Committed to development produce standard products

Deliver work on time satisfied customers